Jakarta, 2 October 2023 – Batik is a reflection of the identity of Indonesia’s diverse cultural values. Therefore, in order to welcome National Batik Day, Husky CNOOC Madura Ltd. (HCML) held the Best Batik Costume competition which was participated by employees.

It is hoped that this event can foster love and appreciation from HCML employees for one of Indonesia’s cultural heritage, namely Batik. The establishment of National Batik Day is the right moment to celebrate the beauty and understand the meaning of each existing batik pattern.

This year’s Best Batik Costume Competition is not just a place to show off costumes among employees, but to build creativity and public awareness of the amazing diversity of batik.

The Best Batik Costume event series is not only filled with announcements of winners, but also provides traditional Indonesian snacks that can be enjoyed together during the event.

Indirectly, this event builds strong bonds between employees which are built through a feeling of love for batik on National Batik Day. Happy National Batik Day!