MDA – MBH Information

HCML is pleased to announce the completeness for MDA and MBH Platform and Subsea Pipeline which have been installed on schedule. This is a milestone achievement for HCML who have work for more than two (2) years building assets. Both platform MDA-MBH built with two million hour zero incident. We are pleased, excited and looking forward to continuing our second stage as HCML is preparing for Drilling Campaign in the near future and working hard to achieve our first gas in 2019 as Company’s commitment to our Client and Indonesian Government.

The MDA & MBH fields are projected to produce potential gas to accommodate domestic gas needs. The gas will be channeled up and connected to the East Java Gas Pipeline (EJGP). The total estimated production from these two fields is expected to reach 120 MMSCFD (Million Standard Cubic Feet per Day).