HSE Philosophy

The protection of health, safety, conservation of the environment, and sustainable development apart from being disciplined subject to legislation, constitutes an asset and an added value within our organization, both as a philosophy and as awareness that they are essential and integral part of our products and services and hence in the achievement of company objectives.

Therefore, Husky-CNOOC Madura Limited sets its Health, Safety and Environmental Philosophy as follows :

  1. Corporate culture and core competitiveness: We will improve our HSE management by benchmarking our operations with those of international oil companies. We value our HSE management system as a key component of our culture and competitive strength. HSE performance is one of the foundations for the company’s growth and development.
  2. HSE awareness: We will strive to proactively pursue HSE excellence rather than reacting to the prevailing laws, regulations, industrial standards, and the applicable procedures.
  3. Continual improvement: HSE management is not a short-term project. It requires persistence and continual improvement. We believe, “We can always do it better”.
  4. Value of employees: employees are our most valuable resources and assets.
  5. Assignment of the responsible: we are commited to integrate HSE management into every operation and position by setting objectives and its implementation. The ultimate responsibility for HSE management lies with the management.
  6. Systematic management and risk control : We shall develop system for routine management of HSE, promote the “5 Do Not Safety Rules”, and manage risk to an acceptable level.
  7. Management of contractors: Management and supervision of contractors are an important part of HSE management process to achieve Win-Win cooperation.
  8. Endeavor to use clean and harmless materials, energy, and protect environment and natural resources.
  9. Internal monitoring: Internal Audit is an important way to evaluate and supervise HSE management.
  10. Reflection of quality: HSE management and its performance are a reflection of our comprehensive overall quality.
  11. Economics and social responsibility in harmony: HSE management is not only a matter of economics return, but also our commitment to social responsibility.